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Davitt Arm & Davitt Socket

DRE have been supplying Davitt Arms and Davitt Sockets for over 20 years. The Davitt Arms & Sockets are manufactured and delivered out from our workshop situated in Bunclody Co.Wexford Ireland, at the Wexford, Carlow and Wicklow borders.

Davitt Socket dre.ieDavit Arm

 The Davitt Arm and Socket allows users to safely lift a vast range of items and materials. They are designed for the easy and safe use for the operator.

We can design and manufacture Davit Arms and Davit Sockets to each customers specifications.

The Davitt Sockets can be designed and manufactured to be bolted down or concreted in the ground depending on requirements.

Our Products are made from mild steel and are painted a standard colour of orange, or can be galvanized if requested.

We also provide a Testing and Certifying service once the Davitt Arms and/or Sockets are fitted.

Davitt Arm