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Forklift Tipping Skip


DRE have been manufacturing and supplying Tipping Skips for over 20 years. The Tipping Bins are manufactured in our workshop situated in Bunclody Co.Wexford Ireland, at the Wexford, Carlow and Wicklow borders.

Forklift Tipping Skip ireland




DRE Tipping Skip's are ideal for handling a wide range of waste products including steel, timber, paper, liquid and offal. They are also ideal for use on building/construction sites for storage and transportation of sand and other materials. Our steel tipping bins are manufactured to & carry the CE mark. Also known as forward tipping bins.


  • Robust Body Construction
  • Reinforced Body Rim
  • Robust Tipping Frame
  • Easy & Reliable Tipping Action
  • Low Maintenance
  • 5 FT / 1.5M with 2 M CU Capacity Approx
  • 7 FT / 2M with 2.5 M CU Capacity Approx


  • Product Description : Forklift Tipping Skip
  • Sizes Available : 1.5m Wide / 2m Wide
  • Capacity : 1.5 MCU + 2.5 MCU
  • W.L.L : 2000/2500 kgs
  • Mode of Lifting : Forklift / Teleporter / Crane / Gantry
  • Materials : 3mm / 5mm / 8mm Mild Steel Plate
  • Product Weight : 250 kgs
  • Standard Colour : Orange
  • Wheel assemblies for easy movement
  • Side extensions (greedy boards) are available if required
  • Lifting eyes & Safety lock are available for crane work
  • Tarpaulin / PVC covers available
  • Individual plant number can be welded to skip for owner identification
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Other sizes available to order 
  • Castor wheels
  • Side tip fork sockets
  • Crane eyes
  • Greedy board side extentions
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Name A B C D E SWL Net Weight Capacity
Mini Skip 1m 1m   0.11m   500kg   0.4m
Mini Skip 1m 0.8m 0.11m 500kg 0.3m
1.2m Tipping Skip 1.5m 1.2m 1.04m 0.13m 0.82m 2000kg 250kg 1.2m
1.5m Tipping Skip 1.5m 1.5m 1.04m 0.13m 0.82m 2000kg 250kg 1.5m
2.0m Tipping Skip 1.5m 2.0m 1.04m 0.13m 0.82m 2000kg 275kg 2m
2.5m Tipping Skip 1.5m 2.5m 1.04m 0.13m 0.82m 2000kg 275kg 2.5m