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Chain Sling Load Chart

Safe working instructions for lifting equipment


  • Always plan a lift ensuring that the capacity of the sling is sufficient. This can be checked from the identity Tag that is attached to the Sling.
  • SWL should be clearly marked on all Equipment being used for Lifting
  • Always inspect Lifting Equipment prior to use, looking for any defects or damages.
  • All Equipment used for Lifting should be issued with a certificate of conformity.
  • All Inspected and re certified every 6 months.
  • It is Mandatory that all Lifting Gear is either Tested or Inspected by a competent person and re certified every 6 months.
  • Never use damaged slings or accessories.
  • Increasing the angle of the slings will reduce the slings lifting capacity.
  • Always store Slings in a clean and dry environment.
chain sling load chart wexford ireland