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Stretcher Rescue Cage

DRE have being manufacturing and supplying Crane Attachments & Lifting Equipment in Ireland for over 20 years

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Description The Rescue Stretcher Cage platform is designed for use with cranes, forklifts and teleporters. The Stretcher Cage is specifically designed for transporting an injured person on a stretcher along with one attendant . The cage has slide up gates for easy access, fully meshed sides for extra safety. Its narrow and portable design allows it to access otherwise inaccessable areas.
  • The machine being used should have a current C2 Ga1 certificate and be in good working order. 
  • The driver of the machine should be adequately qualified and experienced. 
  • The platform should be restricted to two persons and their tools not exceeding a total of 300 kg. 
  • The occupants of the work platform should be attached by a safety harness to the platform. 
  • A supervisor should be available for the duration of the procedure for which the work platform is being used.
  • Non-slip check plate floor 
  • Double handrail 
  • Lanyard tie points 
  • Up and over end gate 
  • Kick plate 
  • WLL 300Kg injured person on stretcher and medic 
  • Overhead canopy with four leg chain sling